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Crafting Excellence Since 2008

At North East Stairs, our journey began in 2008 when Brendan Matthews, fueled by a relentless curiosity and a passion for making things better, founded our family-owned and operated business. Brendan's early fascination with mechanics and a knack for improving things led him to tinker with cars at home before stepping into the world of construction, working alongside his father.

As Brendan honed his skills, he embarked on a Joinery Apprenticeship, specializing in the custom manufacture of doors and windows. From crafting the simplest designs to the most intricate, Brendan proved himself as a master craftsman. His tireless work ethic and an impeccable eye for detail soon caught the attention of his mentors, who redirected him towards stair manufacturing, a field where his talents shone brightest.

As demand for top-notch staircases soared, Brendan, with the support of his then-employer, seized the opportunity to launch his own venture - North East Stairs.

Starting in a modest workshop at home, Brendan quickly realized that his ambitions needed more space to flourish. He expanded into the adjacent shed of his former employers on Ashmore Street in Wangaratta. When the chance arose to take over both sheds as North East Stairs Pty Ltd and North East Timber Windows & Doors, he embraced it.

Today, North East Stairs Pty Ltd stands larger and more capable than ever before. Our team comprises full-time and casual staff, including qualified carpenters, joiners, metal fabricators, apprentices, and dedicated support personnel. No project is too grand or too modest for us to handle.

Exceeding Expectations, One Staircase at a Time

Over the years, our portfolio has blossomed, offering a diverse range of styles and options to cater to every need. Our loyal clientele includes building groups who have trusted us for over a decade. We take pride in our commitment to quality, ensuring that every finished product is not only durable but also manufactured to the highest standards. Rest assured, all our products meet and exceed the rigorous demands of building codes and standards.

At North East Stairs, our mission is to surpass our clients' expectations. We believe in delivering functional, aesthetically pleasing staircases that harmonise seamlessly with their surroundings.

Our Values

The values that drive everything we do



Where Imagination Meets Staircase Craftsmanship - Unleashing Innovative Designs to Elevate Your Space.



Building Stairs with Unwavering Reliability - Your Trusted Partner in Crafting Stairway Excellence.



Pioneering Stairway Solutions for Tomorrow - A Legacy of Constantly Pushing Boundaries in Staircase Design and Technology.



At North East Stairs, our mission is to surpass our clients' expectations and achieve the best possible result.



There is no North East Stairs without our amazing team. We work seamlessly together to build great stairs.



We respect you, your time and your budget. We're in this together to get the best result possible.


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